Eyelash Extensions And Eyebrow Microblading Educator

Haniye was born and grow up in Tehran (Iran). She started practicing nails while studying Electrical Engineering at school. After graduation, she became discontent with the field of Engineering and longed for a career that would bring her joy. 

To start she began working as a Nail and Lash Technician and decided to rock her goals. She enjoyed the experience and satisfaction of seeing her talent come to fruition.  Clients were very pleased and gratified with her work and dedicated to this artistry.  As her clientele grew and referrals came, she continued to hone her skills by learning and practicing new techniques to become proficient and highly regarded in the field of  beauty. She have created makeup for many Beauty events; fashion and hair shows in Victoria as well as Wedding and Photo shoots. Over time she got trained with the masters of Microblading and Semipermanent makeup and has so many great job done in her potfolio. She performs the highest quality services in Classic and Volume eyelash Extensions, Eyebrow Microblading, Eyebrow Shading, Eyebrow Henna and so on. She is thrilled to visit new clients every day. Please welcome to Haniye lash and Brow.




Twyla was born and grew up in rural Saskatchewan.  
She began her massage career in Fort McMurray, Alberta in 2005 as a NHPC Certified member (Please check with your health insurance provider as some have coverage for NHPC members the same as BC RMT).  
Right from the beginning, she was drawn and dedicated to a longer two hour session.  Clients were very pleased with the results and blessed her with a referral built business. She continued learning and taking courses over the years maintaining her NHPC membership.  Naturally she integrated new knowledge, styles of massage, techniques, and tools such as ; FAR infrared dome, Jade Hot Stones, and Cold lasers into the sessions to enhance treatment outcomes.
Twyla is looking forward to introducing you to this experience of self care.