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Classic Eyelash Extension Full Set ($130)            

Classic eyelash extension is one-on-one extension application. We glue one single lash extension on one natural lash individually. Classic Eyelash Extension delivers Longer, Darker, Thicker and Curlier result. The more natural lashes you have got, the fuller look you will receive. This type of eyelash extensions is suitable for those who are looking for natural appearance. 


The process takes approximately 1.5 hour. The result last 3-6 weeks depends on the aftercare instruction. A 2-3 weeks refill is recommended to maintain the fullness.

Providing a high quality service is our biggest goal. Your satisfaction is guaranteed in our artistry.



Classic Eyelash Extension Refill ($65+)

A Classic Eyelash Extension refill appointment will take up to 1 hour. The application will commence after removing the loose and grown extensions. You will receive a fresh, full look after each refill which last 3-6 weeks. We fill all your natural lashes to achieve the fullest look. We leave baby lashes alone to be mature enough for your next refill appointment. The health of your natural lashes is the most importance . Happy lashes are healthy lashes.


If you needed a lil touch up for your occasional event, please call me to arrange a 30 minutes appointment which will cost $30-$40.



Volume Eyelash Extension Full Set ($199+)

The application of multiple extensions on one natural lash is called Volume eyelash extension. The extensions that we use in Volume technique are much thinner than those used in Classic application. Volume means volume affect! This type of eyelash extension delivers very full and natural look and covers gaps nicely. It will take months of practicing to be able to grasp multiple eyelash extensions off the strip. Special tweezers and skill will be needed to achieve the process. Only a master of Classic eyelash extension can practice Volume extension. 


A full set of Volume eyelash extension will take approximately 1:45-2:30 hours to complete. The lashes last 3-6 weeks and need regular touch up to maintain the desired look. 

We offer very professional, clean looking, high quality and long-lasting Volume Eyelash Extension at Haniye Artistry.



Volume Eyelash Extension Refill ($90+)

We would love to see you every 2-3 weeks to give you the best eyelash extension refills ever. Normally, you should get a refill when %50 of the extensions are still on. We will start by checking all your natural lashes end extensions one by one to make sure they are still in a good placement and retention. A regular cleansing and priming will be done once we remove the loose and grown lashes. 

The Volume eyelash extension refill appointment will take around 1:15-1:30 hours. You will receive a fresh set of eyelash extensions which will last 3-6 weeks.



Eyelash Extension Removal ($30)

There are so many eyelash extension removal products in the industry which are all chemical based. We love your natural lashes and never use chemicals on them. If you have decided to take your extensions off, simply apply Olive oil or Coconut oil or Vaseline on your lashes. The extensions will come off within few days as the oil breaks down the eyelash extension glue. It is an easy process at the same time nutritious for your natural lashes. Or simply book your lash removal appointment we will gentely remove them in less than 30 minutes.



Hybrid Eyelash Extensions (full set $199/ refill $80+)

Mixing the 2 methods of eyelash extensions (Classic and Volume) is called Hybrid Eyelash Extension. In fact, Hybrid eyelash extension is not a new method or technique. It is just a new style. We can create different lash looks by the help of these two techniques. The 3D look of the volule lashes mixes with sinle look of Classic lashes gives us the oportunity to design the set that you desigred. You ask we will create.


Microblading Initial Treatment ($550)

Microblading is the latest semi-permanent make-up method. this technique delivers the most natural hair like effect which fades away over time. Micro-blading initial treatment takes up to 2 hours. We will start to create a brow shape that compliments your face and eye shape. The procedure will commence once you approve the shape. 


We use high quality, organic pigments and disposable, single-use tools for our precious client. Our Microblading Beauty Safe Certificate assures you we are fully committed to our clients’ safety and hygiene.



Microblading Touch-up (consultation needed for pricing)

The first microblading touch up within 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment is included to the $450 fee. We will fill the gaps that appear during the healing process in this 30-45 minutes appointment. Some clients do not need any touch up as they may experience very quick healing time and the skin may hold the pigments nicely. The final Microblading result is achievable after the first touch up however, some clients need even more touch ups to get their desired result. Each extra Microblading appointments is $200. We cannot predict how many appointments may be required as each person is unique in how their skin responds to the treatment. 

We offer high quality Microblading treatment and educate you on the proper aftercare instruction. The result is up to your unique body.



Microblading Consultation ($50)

In this 30 minutes appointment we analyze your skin type and discuss your brow shape. We explain every detail that you should know about the treatment and provide you with some instructions and videos to watch. During the Consultation you may have many questions about this innovative semi-permanent makeup method; this is a great time to ask them. 



Our Microblading Product

I use only the highest quality pigments. The brand I like to use is Phibrows.  They offer the highest quality products made with health conscious ingredients, that are specifically designed for Microblading.  These products are effective, 100% safe and gentle on the skin.  They’re all organic and are not formulated with heavy metals, lead, cadmium, nickel, mercury, cobalt, or tartrazine.  They are vegan and cruelty-free, never been tested on animals.



Eyebrow Threading ($20)

Threading is a process of removing unwanted facial hair. It is achieved by using twisted cotton thread to pluck the brow hair from the follicle, allowing them to be easily shaped. However, if you have sensitive skin it can be painful and you may find that it causes irritation.

The benefit of threading is that it’s faster than plucking, can grab the shortest of hairs, and allows the technician to create a natural clean finish. It doesn’t stretch the skin while delivering a slight cotton skin massage. The chances of allergic reactions is much less than waxing. Results last between 3-4 weeks depending on your natural hair growth.




Eyebrow Waxing ($20)

Waxing is a hair removal method that is used all over the body. There is 2 type of waxes, Soft And Hard. Waxing your eyebrows with soft wax involves applying hot wax to the treated area, then using a strip to remove the wax by allowing the wax to harden before quickly ripping it off, removing the unwanted hair.  Hard wax cools down so fast and peel off by using finger tips. Hard waxes are recommended to those who have super sensitive skin. If your skin irritates with hard wax then try threading. If the skin didn’t like threading the only way is to pluck hairs using tweezers.

The benefits of waxing is that it is quick, fewer ingrown hairs, being hair-free for longer periods of time and it can be more gentle on the skin as opposed to threading. The finish offers sharp, clean lines.

The downside with waxing, you may experience a little redness afterwards, It will dissipate in a few hours.  Results last 4-6 weeks depending on your natural hair growth as well.