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What to expect in a 30 minute Microblading Consultation

Micro-blading & Micro-shading is the latest manual hair stroke method that can resolve any brow issue.  The best way to decide whether Micro-blading is for you is by booking a 30 minute consultation with a brow specialist.

This article is about what to expect in a Microblading consultation appointment at Haniye Artistry with me:

  • I will first determine your skin type.  This is an important aspect of  the Micro-blading treatment and will help me to assess whether Micro-blading, Micro-shading or a combination of both methods is the best fit. I will explain the possible outcome to you.
  • Together with you, I will design the perfect unique outline that will enhance the natural brow and eye shape. The eyebrow makeup will give you an opportunity to experience a non-permanent result for a day.
  •   The Micro-blading treatment process will be explained in detail.  You will know what to expect from the treatment such as the length of time it will take, the tools and technique involved and the approximate duration of the semi-permanent affect.

This 30 minute consultation and brow makeup is only $50 and is a great way to decide if semi-permanent brow enhancement is the right choice for you.  If you would like to experience a longer affect, a brow henna treatment can last up to 2 weeks.  This service can be booked as a separate appointment.  Eyebrows frame the eye and face providing a bright and youthful appearance.  It can take several minutes a day to achieve this look with a brow pencil and  can be an arduous and time consuming task each morning.  Treat yourself to a Brow enhancement today and reclaim those precious minutes.


Be “walk out the door” ready every moment!


Book your Eyebrow Consultation by calling Haniye Artistry 250-590-5054 or book on-line


Working on brows is my passion.


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Microblading Course Outline

Microblading unlike tattooing is very superficial. 15-18 Micro needles together make a tiny blade to create crisp hairlike lines into the skin. While the result looks natural, fades away without a trace of color over time.

A good Microblading training and hours of practicing is necessary to be able to do this delicate job on peoples’ face. At Haniye Microblading Academy, you will learn

  • skin anatomy,
  • color theory,
  • eyebrow shapes
  • hair stroke patterns,
  • workplace hygiene,
  • necessary tools supply,
  • skin preparation,
  • brow mapping and measuring,
  • appropriate hand pressure,
  • pattern practicing on paper,
  • practicing on artificial skin,
  • practicing on fruit skin,
  • practicing on models,
  • Microblading aftercare instruction,
  • Microblading client consultation,
  • pricing,
  • marketing,
  • and so many essential information that a Microblading artist should know.

The overall in class training will take 16 hour diving in 4 days. As a motivated student you need to finish all your assignment provided by Haniye within 1 week. You will get certification of complication after working on a model successfully.

No beauty background is needed. If you are passionate about Microlading, ready for month of non-stop practicing and learning, love to challenge yourself, have artistic vision, have light and precise hands same as surgeons, then welcome to Microblading industry.


Microblading training course value is $3500 including tax. A starter kit ($700 value) will be given for your practicing.


For any question or inquiry, please contact Haniye at 250-882-3557 or email to



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I don’t want black color on my eyebrows! Do you use black color in Microblading?

Are you serious? Black?

This is a very regular question that each and every single client asks me. No ladies! I don’t use black pigments. I have different shades of brown colours to match your skin tone, eye and hair colour.

Microblading is a beauty treatment to enhance your brow look. A brow artist has been trained to mix and match colours to create the most compatible brow look for you.

Book your free consultation now. The only thing you need to do is TRUST ME.

I am hoping to see all you beautiful ladies walk out the my studio with your dreamed eyebrows.

Check out Haniye Artistry instagram page to see pictures of before and after Microblading.



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Do you shave my eyebrows to do Microblading?

It is your question too?!

No ladies! I don’t.

Your natural eyebrows are very precious. The more hair you have the more blended result you will receive. Your natural brows are the best guidance to create a suitable shape for you. Microblading adds volume to your existing brow hair. Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that last for a few years and fade away over time without a trace o colour. Microblading process does’t affect the hair growth. Microblading is a tiny little hair drawn between your own eyebrow hair. Eyebrow hair will fall off and grow back in a normal cycle after Microblading treatment.

I use only the highest quality product. Clients health is the most important. I use organic pigments that don’t contain heavy metals and never tested on animals. These pigments are rich and never change to blue, grey or red.

Book your free consultation onlineor reply to this email if you have any question about Microblading.



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Life after Microblading

Life after Microblading is wonderful according to my happy clients’ feedbacks.

Imagine having beautifully shaped eyebrows that last for few years while looking very natural. Eyebrows energize your face. They are defined frame for your beautiful eyes. You save your time doing your brows every morning. You get so many compliments of how beautiful and natural are your brows every day. You amazing brows after each shower or swimming. Life is super easy after Microblading!

I am offering organic Microblading treatment in Victoria! Please Book your free consultation now and live your best life with your dreamed eyebrows.

Hope to see you leaving Haniye Artistrystudio with happy eyebrows.



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Why Microblading is so expensive? $500?!!! It is too much!

Let’s talk about Microblading pricing!

There are so many brow technician out there with various pricing. Do very good researching and consulting before making your decision. Yes! Of course the result is semi-permanent but IT IS a permanent change ladies! Remember! You get what you pay for.

I have been doing Microblading for about 4 years now. My passion took me to Serbia, Turkey and Iran to be trained with the best masters in the world. I love what I do and I have a great attention to details which you’ll love. I use organic pigments and disposable tools. I take enough time to make sure you like the shape before commencing Microblading procedure. I provide you the most thorough and detailed aftercare instruction. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with what I do. That’s a promise!

Microblading by Haniyeis $500 including a touchup in 4-6 weeks. Is it a lot to pay at once? I have an exciting news for you! You can pay the whole amount in 2 payments. $300 on the day of treatment and $200 one month later. How does it sound to you?

I am offering free Microblading consultation (reg $50) for limited time. Click hereto know what to expect in 30 minutes Microblading consultation. Please make sure to book your appointmentbefore the deal ends.

Hope to see you all at Haniye Artistrystudio leaving with your dreamed eyebrows.



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How much does Microblading yearly touchup cost?

Professional Techniques to Enhance your Natural Brow Line with Semi-Permanent Results

Microblading yearly touchup has been a concern for those who loves to get their eyebrow s done. Ladies, the yearly touch price vary person to person. It depends on how much pigments your skin has been hold in. You should book a free consultation to get a quote. The strokes that we draw on your skin fade away gradually over time. The result supposed to last up yo one year on normal skins, less than one year on oily skins, and more than one year on dry skins. Also your life style is very important. If you do more cardio exercising, you will lost more pigments due to excess sweating. If your face be on the exposure of sunshine, the microblading result fades faster. You scrub your face regularly, you need touchup sooner. So there is no exact answer to this question. But I could say it would be some thing between $350-$550 depend on all circumstances that I explained above.


Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup solution for those beautiful ladies who lost their eyebrow hair over years. It has been so popular and pleasing beauty services for 8 years. Microblading is the newest manual semi-permanent makeup method that delivers the most natural result.


Our trained, educated, experienced, talented, creative Microblading Artist will design and create the most desirable, natural looking eyebrows that you dreamed of. Book your free consultation online Today! Come and visit us at our harbour view lash and brow suite on the beautiful Wharf st.

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Do I experience any scabbing during Microblading healing process?

Microblading fades away over time

No, you don’t. Microblading will heal nicely without any scabs Because it is not deep. Micoblading healing time is much less than permanent tattooing. It will take approximately around 1 week to achieve the initial healing result. Specific after care instruction is required for this period of time to achieve the best result possible. The entire skin tissue will be healed completely in 4 weeks. That is why we postpone the first touchup to 4 weeks after the initial treatment is done.


Make sure you have checked out all my blog post regarding Microblading to get all your questions answered. If you still need to know more, please feel free to book a free consultation appointment online, Or email me at, Or call me at (250)882-3557.


We use organic products which means contains no heavy metals. Your safety is the most important to us. Our talented, creative, trained, experienced Microblading technician will surprise you with a new beautifully shaped semi-permanent eyebrows that last up to 1 year for you. Call and book your spot now!

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How Much Is Microblading Treatment?

Specializing in Reconstructing, Defining, Covering Gaps, and Filling-in Over Plucked Brows

How much is Microblading treatment?

The treatment cost is $450 which includes the first touch-up after 4-6 weeks following. Each person will experience unique healing process depending on his/her body structure. Some ladies heal quickly and can achieve %100 pigment saturation. However, some will need more than 2 touch-ups to get the desired result. The first microblading touch up is included in our initial fee as we would love to see you in month to have a complete portfolio of the treatment. The extra touch-up session will cost $200.

We offer professional microblading in Victoria BC. Book your free consultation appointment and come and visit us in our Artistry in Hartwig Curt. We can’t wait to see you.

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