Microblading Course Outline

Microblading unlike tattooing is very superficial. 15-18 Micro needles together make a tiny blade to create crisp hairlike lines into the skin. While the result looks natural, fades away without a trace of color over time.

A good Microblading training and hours of practicing is necessary to be able to do this delicate job on peoples’ face. At Haniye Microblading Academy, you will learn

  • skin anatomy,
  • color theory,
  • eyebrow shapes
  • hair stroke patterns,
  • workplace hygiene,
  • necessary tools supply,
  • skin preparation,
  • brow mapping and measuring,
  • appropriate hand pressure,
  • pattern practicing on paper,
  • practicing on artificial skin,
  • practicing on fruit skin,
  • practicing on models,
  • Microblading aftercare instruction,
  • Microblading client consultation,
  • pricing,
  • marketing,
  • and so many essential information that a Microblading artist should know.

The overall in class training will take 16 hour diving in 4 days. As a motivated student you need to finish all your assignment provided by Haniye within 1 week. You will get certification of complication after working on a model successfully.

No beauty background is needed. If you are passionate about Microlading, ready for month of non-stop practicing and learning, love to challenge yourself, have artistic vision, have light and precise hands same as surgeons, then welcome to Microblading industry.


Microblading training course value is $3500 including tax. A starter kit ($700 value) will be given for your practicing.


For any question or inquiry, please contact Haniye at 250-882-3557 or email to artistry@haniyeghajar.com



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