My lashes are falling off so crazy!!! What’s wrong?

why my eyelash extensions fall off

Ladies, You all know that hair loss is body’s reaction to a change. A change to our hormones, diet, life style, stress, birth control and even climate. This is the time of year that all creatures living on earth experience hair shedding because of the transition from cold to warm weather.

Eyelashes are a type of hair that have shorter life cycle. A grown lash will fall off while a baby new lash will grow back within 4-6 weeks. The transition from winter to spring causes major lash shedding and it is more noticeable if you have eyelash extensions on. Eyelash extensions help your lashes to look longer, curlier, darker and fuller. If you have noticed gaps recently, I am telling you ladies, it is way normal.

You just need to take better care of your extensions and come to see us more often till your body gets fully adjusted to the new season.

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Wish you all a happy Wednesday.


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