I had allergic reaction to eyelash extension! When can I get them done again?

The symptoms of allergic reaction to the lash adhesive start with redness right after the appointment and get worse within 24 hours following with itchiness and puffiness. You must visit a lash professional to remove the extensions as soon as possible and keep your eyes clean and dry. The symptoms will disappear in 3 days after the removal depending your individual healing procedure. It is not necessary to visit a doctor but if you are too worried it’s good idea to be relieved.

Allergic reaction to lash adhesive might happen at any time without any notice. You have lash extension for years with no problem and wakeup with red and puffy eyes one day.  This is not your technician, this is not the method or procedure, this is just YOUR BODY. Allergy is allergy.  Allergies happen at anytime, to anyone, for anything.  There is no prescription and no treatment for them. They might go away by themselves or stay with you for ever.

A very common question is ” when can I get eyelash extension again?”

And the answer is “nobody knows!”

The best idea is to try patch test to ensure whether the allergy is gone. The symptoms will appear within 24 hours post procedure and in very rare cases 48hours.  Also it is possible that there is no reaction to the small amount of glue using at the patch test appointment but there is in a larger amount. Weird! Hey?!

Please remember to do not blame your lash tech if your eyes reacting to the lash adhesive. Do not ask for refund.  She has done nothing wrong, I’m sure she did her best to deliver you a wonderful lash experience. It is not fair at all to point a lash tech for a unique body allergic reaction.

I highly recommend a patch test if you have never had eyelash extension before or if you had allergic reaction experience.

At Haniye Artistry we strive to provide the highest quality services! You are in a right place if you need a patch test.

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