Lash Extensions will boost your confidence!

Women are always looking for ways to boost their beauty confidence.   Self image not only refers to how a woman feels about inner self but also her outward appearance.  In our society, especially with social media being so prevalent, a beauty boost will often give a woman that added lift that comes from long, bold and beautiful eyelashes.  This simple beauty treatment is also a convenience and time saver.  It simplifies the beauty routine morning and night adding precious minutes to a woman’s already hectic day.  Eyelash Extension eliminates the dreaded mascara application and removal ritual.  It is a convenience that allows her to wake up and GO with minimal prep time.  Eyelash Extensions always look perfect, no unsightly smears or running that often comes from traditional mascara.  Think how amazing it would be not to have mascara running down while exercising or worse enjoying intimacy with your man.  Eyelash Extension gives women the freedom to enjoy their daily activities looking beautiful and fresh, wide eyed and youthful.


Looking for a high quality lash set? You are in a right place!  In our lovely Studio we provide Lash and Brow treatments in private rooms that look out onto the water front.  Here in our quiet and serene space you will  receive exceptional lash and brow services with high quality products that are tested and proven for longevity. At Haniye Artistry we strive to ensure the health of the natural lashes of our clients.  In the process of lash extension application we take care to prime and prepare the natural lashes thoroughly.  We provide our clients with education in aftercare procedures to deliver the best results and retention.  While you are receiving your lash extension treatment you will drift off into a dream like sleep  and wake with the most amazing lashes.  You will feel stress free and relaxed in a spa setting that will leave you pampered and radiant.  Our technicians are skilled and knowledgeable with an artistic eye for customizing the look that best suits you!  There is no better time than NOW to treat yourself to this amazing experience for ONLY $99.


Any question? Please feel free to send and email to or call us at+1(250)590-5054


Love and lashes

Haniye Artistry Academy


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