Lash Extension Retention

why my eyelash extensions fall off

Let’s talk about Eyelash Retention!  One of the most common concerns from clients is how long lash extensions will last.  Each client will be unique in the duration of which their lash extensions will last.  There are several ways in which a client can assist the longevity of their lashes.  When a client takes the care and attention to their lashes a fill can last up to 3 weeks.  This is often very dependent on the aftercare that is taken by the client though other factors can be considered.  The quality of the application is very important as well.  Finding a professional Lash technician who uses quality products including the type of glue that offers strength without looking clumpy is extremely important.  This is why choosing an experienced technician is so critical in ensuring that your Eyelash Extension will look beautiful longer.  An experienced technician will know the perfect amount of glue to use for each application.

So Ladies here is a checklist of the most common reasons why lashes may be falling out:

  • using oil based eye products like eye makeup remover and eye creams
  • a change in birth control may cause lashes to shed
  • stress
  • heavy sweating from exercise
  • excessive swimming
  • hot yoga
  • heat exposure from opening the oven and direct heat to the lashes
  • sleeping with face in the pillow
  • improper cleansing
  • naturally oily skin

If the answer to the above checklist is no then it may be time to find a new Lash technician.

Haniye Artistry Studio offers the most professional technicians and only quality products.  Please read our reviews to learn more about our services and treatments. Please contact us directly at 250 590 5054 to speak to us or email at or book on-line.

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