Eyebrow Trends for 2019

Beauty trends are constantly changing whether it’s lips, cheeks, eyes or brows.  Eyebrows in particular have been evolving since the Millennium from thin and light coloured, half moon shape to bold, thick and arched.  Women of all ethnicities are interested in brows that frame the eye giving a more open, bright and lively appearance.  Especially for women who are very fair with naturally blonde pigment, it is essential to find a way to darken the brow and lash hairs.  This is no easy task though there are several beauty products that will provide a desired affect.  Cosmetic companies have developed brow pencils, powder and gel in various pigments that can deliver a temporary fix but there is a down side to these products.  First, it takes several minutes daily to apply brow products and to master the art of application.  Even with a steady hand and desired product a perfect brow application may start out great but not hold up throughout the day.  It may require reapplication!! This daily regimen of brow application can become tedious even for the most seasoned makeup diva!  Fortunately, there is a couple of other options that will deliver a semi-permanent affect well worth the effort and expense.  Eyebrow Henna and Micro-blading are 2 such treatments that are offered at Haniye Artistry.  Henna tattoo will last up to 2 weeks and Micro-blading will create an incredibly natural custom brow affect that will last up to 1 year.  If you are considering a semi-permanent eyebrow application Henna tattoo and micro-blading are 2 excellent options.  At Haniye Artistry our technicians are well educated and specialize in reconstructing, defining and covering imperfections and filling gaps in over-tweezed brows.  We also specialize in creating brows that have been lost through illness and cancer treatments.  You CAN have that brow shape and pigment that you weren’t born with!  If you have dreamed of a bold, full natural looking brow take a leap of faith and give it a try!  At Haniye Artistry we are ready to pamper you!  Give us a call at 250 590 5054 or book a consultation on-line at haniyeghajar.com

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