Is eyelash extension career suitable for me?

Eyelash extension

In recent years, eyelash extension has become much more popular, and if you want to get that instant change for your face, it indeed is one sure ma you can go for. The reason for its sudden fame is the fact that, unlike fake lashes and other falsies, eyelash extension get to stay for a long time and make life easier for anyone wearing them.They just love how fast they can get their makeup done while having the extensions. In fact, according to statistics, you can say that 80% of girls you find at the mall, have one form of lash extensions of another. 

You might have heard that “lash day is the best day”. Besides its beauty aspect, there is also the very comfy bed the client is made to relax while the eyelashes are being fixed. Taking all these factors together eyelash extensions have awesome perks from start to finish.

But this is not what this article is about, it’s for those who are looking to find a career in the eyelash extension industry but still have the question “is eyelash extension career suitable for me?”. We have several factors that we have drawn out for you to consider before you dive into any dangerous course. 

Before we proceed let me briefly introduce myself, I’m Haniye, and I have been an eyelash tech for about 4years. I have a lash studio and an academy, so what you will be getting in this article are hands-on experience from someone who is in the industry and has quite an experience doing lash extensions.

First let’s start with the requirements needed for every lash tech, who wants to start up their own lash business.

1.    Steady hands. Do you have steady hands? Can you draw a straight line without any shaking? Or a better put – can you practice to have stable and solid hands?

2.    Great eyesight. You must have healthy eyesight to distinguish those little lines? It is essential to take an eye exam before commencing lash training.

3.    Be able to be focused for hours. Do you do or love meditation? If yes, so you know what it means to have an absolute focus for long periods. Your mind should be free of all life’s hustle and bustles and be focused on what is right there in front of you.

4.    Do you have an artistic vision? Eyelash extension is an art. You must be able to analyze your clients’ eye and face shape to give them the best lash solution.

5.    Are you a social person? You must greet clients every day no matter what is happening in your personal life. You also must be able to relate well with clients and read their mood by looking at their posture and face. This is their lash day it must be the most relaxing and enjoyable experience for them.

6.    Are you passionate enough to achieve something; Being an expert lash tech is not an easy task. It doesn’t happen overnight. Hours, days and months of practicing is needed to be skilled in this career. You must be ready to put in extra hours and follow-up on your skills to indeed be a professional.

If your answer to all the questions above is yes or at least you have a positive response to most of them, then you can start thinking of how much money you can make off the job. The truth is that you might not get all the money immediately after you get the job but you can be sure that with time and effort you will certainly get there, that’s a promise. 

If you still have doubt and questions, I’m available for 1-hour consultation on a career in lash extension. I will be certainly happy to help and any other thing I can help you with. So book your consultation today and start investing yourself in quality lash training.

Love straight from the lashes


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