How To Take Best Eyelash Extensions Break?

Eyelash extension removal

Have you had Lash extensions for long and seeking a break?  Well, there’s no harm from feeling your beautiful natural self again because sometimes an eyelash extension break is just the thing to do. And while resting your lashes, how about treating them to nourishment simultaneously? Simply follow our easy guide below and notice a visible change in the appearance of your lashes in only a few months.

Ladies, for starters, remove all of your Lash extensions. You can easily use olive oil, coconut oil or vaseline to remove your eyelash extensions in the comfort of your home. If you are hesitant yourself, hire a trustworthy lash technician to have them removed professionally.

Moving forward, keep your lashes clean and devoid of makeup periodically. As continuous application and removal of mascara can cause clogging and lash pulling out. If you’re still adamant on using mascara, an organic one will be safer Wipe eye makeup with a gentle eye makeup remover avoiding any tugging and pulling. Or create your own DIY eyemakeup remover combining olive oil and almond oil. Clean lashes are vital to bring them back to life.

Keep your lashes free from chemicals and oppressors. Natural lashes look beautiful on their own. Take pride in what you have and stop using strip lashes for a month. Instead go organic as much as you can to have strong lashes.

Take supplements to improve the appearance and growth of your lashes. In this case, Vitamin B3, Biotin and Vitamin C help tremendously, as these support hair growth which will benefit your lashes and protect against infect-ants too. With supplements, a good diet will too ensure healthy lashes so Ladies, take protein-rich foods, such as fish, eggs, etc and eat lots of avocados, olives and leafy greens. .

Stress, hormonal and metabolic changes are the culprits behind lash loss so avoid this at all costs. Busy yourself in energetic activities, fulfill your 8 hour sleep, think positive, pamper yourself and do exercise to de-stress your body. And never forget to wash the salty sweat off your lashes after a gym session and avoid rubbing them as such actions will cause your lashes to break.

Nature has blessed us with the ideal ingredients to nourish lashes and with our knowledge, problems don’t stand a chance! Similarly, applying coconut oil thrice a week and castor oil daily with a clean Q-tip will stimulate lash growth. And usage of Vitamin E Oil or Organic Shea Butter will nurture the lash hair follicles.

Beat dull-looking lashes with a lash enhancing serum (any brand) and get a fuller, longer and thicker pair quickly.

If you get eyelash extensions again, practice eyelash extension aftercare religiously or irregularity will ruin both your Lash extensions and natural lashes.


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