What to expect in a 30 minute Microblading Consultation

Micro-blading & Micro-shading is the latest manual hair stroke method that can resolve any brow issue.  The best way to decide whether Micro-blading is for you is by booking a 30 minute consultation with a brow specialist.

This article is about what to expect in a Microblading consultation appointment at Haniye Artistry with me:

  • I will first determine your skin type.  This is an important aspect of  the Micro-blading treatment and will help me to assess whether Micro-blading, Micro-shading or a combination of both methods is the best fit. I will explain the possible outcome to you.
  • Together with you, I will design the perfect unique outline that will enhance the natural brow and eye shape. The eyebrow makeup will give you an opportunity to experience a non-permanent result for a day.
  •   The Micro-blading treatment process will be explained in detail.  You will know what to expect from the treatment such as the length of time it will take, the tools and technique involved and the approximate duration of the semi-permanent affect.

This 30 minute consultation and brow makeup is only $50 and is a great way to decide if semi-permanent brow enhancement is the right choice for you.  If you would like to experience a longer affect, a brow henna treatment can last up to 2 weeks.  This service can be booked as a separate appointment.  Eyebrows frame the eye and face providing a bright and youthful appearance.  It can take several minutes a day to achieve this look with a brow pencil and  can be an arduous and time consuming task each morning.  Treat yourself to a Brow enhancement today and reclaim those precious minutes.


Be “walk out the door” ready every moment!


Book your Eyebrow Consultation by calling Haniye Artistry 250-590-5054 or book on-line haniyeghajar.com


Working on brows is my passion.


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Eyebrow Trends for 2019

Beauty trends are constantly changing whether it’s lips, cheeks, eyes or brows.  Eyebrows in particular have been evolving since the Millennium from thin and light coloured, half moon shape to bold, thick and arched.  Women of all ethnicities are interested in brows that frame the eye giving a more open, bright and lively appearance.  Especially for women who are very fair with naturally blonde pigment, it is essential to find a way to darken the brow and lash hairs.  This is no easy task though there are several beauty products that will provide a desired affect.  Cosmetic companies have developed brow pencils, powder and gel in various pigments that can deliver a temporary fix but there is a down side to these products.  First, it takes several minutes daily to apply brow products and to master the art of application.  Even with a steady hand and desired product a perfect brow application may start out great but not hold up throughout the day.  It may require reapplication!! This daily regimen of brow application can become tedious even for the most seasoned makeup diva!  Fortunately, there is a couple of other options that will deliver a semi-permanent affect well worth the effort and expense.  Eyebrow Henna and Micro-blading are 2 such treatments that are offered at Haniye Artistry.  Henna tattoo will last up to 2 weeks and Micro-blading will create an incredibly natural custom brow affect that will last up to 1 year.  If you are considering a semi-permanent eyebrow application Henna tattoo and micro-blading are 2 excellent options.  At Haniye Artistry our technicians are well educated and specialize in reconstructing, defining and covering imperfections and filling gaps in over-tweezed brows.  We also specialize in creating brows that have been lost through illness and cancer treatments.  You CAN have that brow shape and pigment that you weren’t born with!  If you have dreamed of a bold, full natural looking brow take a leap of faith and give it a try!  At Haniye Artistry we are ready to pamper you!  Give us a call at 250 590 5054 or book a consultation on-line at haniyeghajar.com

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Lash Extension Retention

why my eyelash extensions fall off

Let’s talk about Eyelash Retention!  One of the most common concerns from clients is how long lash extensions will last.  Each client will be unique in the duration of which their lash extensions will last.  There are several ways in which a client can assist the longevity of their lashes.  When a client takes the care and attention to their lashes a fill can last up to 3 weeks.  This is often very dependent on the aftercare that is taken by the client though other factors can be considered.  The quality of the application is very important as well.  Finding a professional Lash technician who uses quality products including the type of glue that offers strength without looking clumpy is extremely important.  This is why choosing an experienced technician is so critical in ensuring that your Eyelash Extension will look beautiful longer.  An experienced technician will know the perfect amount of glue to use for each application.

So Ladies here is a checklist of the most common reasons why lashes may be falling out:

  • using oil based eye products like eye makeup remover and eye creams
  • a change in birth control may cause lashes to shed
  • stress
  • heavy sweating from exercise
  • excessive swimming
  • hot yoga
  • heat exposure from opening the oven and direct heat to the lashes
  • sleeping with face in the pillow
  • improper cleansing
  • naturally oily skin

If the answer to the above checklist is no then it may be time to find a new Lash technician.

Haniye Artistry Studio offers the most professional technicians and only quality products.  Please read our reviews to learn more about our services and treatments. Please contact us directly at 250 590 5054 to speak to us or email at artistry@haniyeghajar.com or book on-line.

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Lash Extensions will boost your confidence!

Women are always looking for ways to boost their beauty confidence.   Self image not only refers to how a woman feels about inner self but also her outward appearance.  In our society, especially with social media being so prevalent, a beauty boost will often give a woman that added lift that comes from long, bold and beautiful eyelashes.  This simple beauty treatment is also a convenience and time saver.  It simplifies the beauty routine morning and night adding precious minutes to a woman’s already hectic day.  Eyelash Extension eliminates the dreaded mascara application and removal ritual.  It is a convenience that allows her to wake up and GO with minimal prep time.  Eyelash Extensions always look perfect, no unsightly smears or running that often comes from traditional mascara.  Think how amazing it would be not to have mascara running down while exercising or worse enjoying intimacy with your man.  Eyelash Extension gives women the freedom to enjoy their daily activities looking beautiful and fresh, wide eyed and youthful.


Looking for a high quality lash set? You are in a right place!  In our lovely Studio we provide Lash and Brow treatments in private rooms that look out onto the water front.  Here in our quiet and serene space you will  receive exceptional lash and brow services with high quality products that are tested and proven for longevity. At Haniye Artistry we strive to ensure the health of the natural lashes of our clients.  In the process of lash extension application we take care to prime and prepare the natural lashes thoroughly.  We provide our clients with education in aftercare procedures to deliver the best results and retention.  While you are receiving your lash extension treatment you will drift off into a dream like sleep  and wake with the most amazing lashes.  You will feel stress free and relaxed in a spa setting that will leave you pampered and radiant.  Our technicians are skilled and knowledgeable with an artistic eye for customizing the look that best suits you!  There is no better time than NOW to treat yourself to this amazing experience for ONLY $99.


Any question? Please feel free to send and email to artistry@haniyeghajar.com or call us at+1(250)590-5054


Love and lashes

Haniye Artistry Academy


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Is eyelash extension career suitable for me?

Eyelash extension

In recent years, eyelash extension has become much more popular, and if you want to get that instant change for your face, it indeed is one sure ma you can go for. The reason for its sudden fame is the fact that, unlike fake lashes and other falsies, eyelash extension get to stay for a long time and make life easier for anyone wearing them.They just love how fast they can get their makeup done while having the extensions. In fact, according to statistics, you can say that 80% of girls you find at the mall, have one form of lash extensions of another. 

You might have heard that “lash day is the best day”. Besides its beauty aspect, there is also the very comfy bed the client is made to relax while the eyelashes are being fixed. Taking all these factors together eyelash extensions have awesome perks from start to finish.

But this is not what this article is about, it’s for those who are looking to find a career in the eyelash extension industry but still have the question “is eyelash extension career suitable for me?”. We have several factors that we have drawn out for you to consider before you dive into any dangerous course. 

Before we proceed let me briefly introduce myself, I’m Haniye, and I have been an eyelash tech for about 4years. I have a lash studio and an academy, so what you will be getting in this article are hands-on experience from someone who is in the industry and has quite an experience doing lash extensions.

First let’s start with the requirements needed for every lash tech, who wants to start up their own lash business.

1.    Steady hands. Do you have steady hands? Can you draw a straight line without any shaking? Or a better put – can you practice to have stable and solid hands?

2.    Great eyesight. You must have healthy eyesight to distinguish those little lines? It is essential to take an eye exam before commencing lash training.

3.    Be able to be focused for hours. Do you do or love meditation? If yes, so you know what it means to have an absolute focus for long periods. Your mind should be free of all life’s hustle and bustles and be focused on what is right there in front of you.

4.    Do you have an artistic vision? Eyelash extension is an art. You must be able to analyze your clients’ eye and face shape to give them the best lash solution.

5.    Are you a social person? You must greet clients every day no matter what is happening in your personal life. You also must be able to relate well with clients and read their mood by looking at their posture and face. This is their lash day it must be the most relaxing and enjoyable experience for them.

6.    Are you passionate enough to achieve something; Being an expert lash tech is not an easy task. It doesn’t happen overnight. Hours, days and months of practicing is needed to be skilled in this career. You must be ready to put in extra hours and follow-up on your skills to indeed be a professional.

If your answer to all the questions above is yes or at least you have a positive response to most of them, then you can start thinking of how much money you can make off the job. The truth is that you might not get all the money immediately after you get the job but you can be sure that with time and effort you will certainly get there, that’s a promise. 

If you still have doubt and questions, I’m available for 1-hour consultation on a career in lash extension. I will be certainly happy to help and any other thing I can help you with. So book your consultation today and start investing yourself in quality lash training.

Love straight from the lashes


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Getting Facial With Eyelash Extension, Yes or No?

how to protect your lash extension

Getting eyelash extensions can be pretty great, especially since they don’t fall out like regular falsies. They make your eyes look amazing and bring out the sparkling beauty of your eyeball, creating an illusion that they are bigger and sexier. A very good care of your new lash set is so important to increases the longevity.

Today’s question is “Does facials affect the retention of my lashes?”

I should say, Yes! Ladies, taking facials is a killer for your extensions life.  If you are like a lot of other women, then you go to the spa during the weekends or holidays to relieve your face of all that pent-up stress and damage caused by the sun, then make sure to protect your lash extensions from all those oil based products applying on your face. The problem with this however is that this can end up ruining your lashes leaving it all oiled up. Any kind of oil will dissolve the adhesive cause fast lash fall out.


Here is some recommendation! Ask your aesthetician to cover your eyes with a lint free cotton pad to avoid any oil splashing on them. Also it is very helpful if you cleanse your lashes with a lash cleanser if they show signs of oiliness after you have done the facial. This will prevent the oil from staying on the lash and dissolving the glue.


Don’t forget ladies that you aren’t supposed to get a facial right before or after your eyelash extension appointment. Coming to your lash appointment right after facial can ruin your lashes with the process. The oily lash surface doesn’t let the glue cure very well also your lash tech will have such a hard time to work on your oily eyes and lashes which delivers you not a flawless long lasting lash set. On the other hand, Doing facials right after your lash extension treatment will leave your lashes messed up with a poor retention so you need to book an urgent lash touchup appointment Which will cost you, right? It is better you do it two or three days before the process.


We care about you, your natural lash health and your extension retention. Please read our other blog posts related to lash extension if you are a lash lover like us.


Love and lash



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We Are Honored to be One of The Best Lash Studio in Victoria BC

We have been working so hard to be one of the best and most reputable lash and brow studio in Victoria BC.

Haniye Lash & Brow Artistry is a Premier studio located in Historic Hartwig Court, a Heritage building on Wharf St with stunning views of Victoria’s Inner Harbour. The studio is on the lower level beautifully designed and appointed by Haniye whose vision for this tastefully created space took shape in March of 2018. Haniye has been developing her skills primarily in Lash & Brow enhancement. Her quest to become Victoria’s Premier Lash and Brow professional has taken her to Europe seeking the very best teachers from whom she could learn her craft. Haniye has built her business over the past 4 years and has a healthy clientele for both Lash and Brow treatment.
Haniye Artistry studio has 3 rooms specially designed for Aesthetic treatments. The rooms are spacious and cozy with beautiful exposed brick accents and spa accessories. It is the perfect ambiance for clients to relax and enjoy the quiet serenity and tranquility that Haniye Artistry Studio Spa offers.
We are so honored to be one the best lash studio in VIcrotia BC. Our happy clients have voted us amazingly on google where we receive so many new clients from every day. Haniye Artistry has a strong focous on client’s satisfaction. The quality of work, the clean and hygienic environment, the high quality finished product, The skilled and professional artists appeared Haniye Artistry the best voted lash and brow studio in Victoria.
I want to paste some of my favorite comments here. If you are interested to read more please click here.
Haniye is the best lash technician in Victoria! She is so friendly and my classic lash set are so full and exactly the look I asked for. She is very gentle and makes sure your natural lashes stay healthy. Between fills my lashes always looked even and full after 3 weeks. The atmosphere in the studio is so relaxing with a lovely view. Even though I live in Sidney it is definitely worth the drive 🙂                                                                                                              “Jill Fraser”
Haniye is so wonderful and amazing. She is not only fast, but she is also so gentle with your lashes. She made my classic set look so full – they almost look like a hybrid set! Take a look at the beautiful picture she took of my lashes! I would 150% recommend her. I totally get that doing asian lashes are hard, but she is very skilled and talented in what she does. Haniye will not let you down!                                                                                                ” Maggie Fung”
I have had my lashes applied before in Victoria but Haniye is definently the best. Look no further. Her new salon is beautiful. A peaceful sanctuary in mid downtown. Haniye also did my brows a couple of years ago and they still look great. I would recommend her to all, especially women over 50 like me. It’s been life changing. Thank you Haniye.
                                                                                                                                                                       ” Serella Wary”
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How To Take Best Eyelash Extensions Break?

Eyelash extension removal

Have you had Lash extensions for long and seeking a break?  Well, there’s no harm from feeling your beautiful natural self again because sometimes an eyelash extension break is just the thing to do. And while resting your lashes, how about treating them to nourishment simultaneously? Simply follow our easy guide below and notice a visible change in the appearance of your lashes in only a few months.

Ladies, for starters, remove all of your Lash extensions. You can easily use olive oil, coconut oil or vaseline to remove your eyelash extensions in the comfort of your home. If you are hesitant yourself, hire a trustworthy lash technician to have them removed professionally.

Moving forward, keep your lashes clean and devoid of makeup periodically. As continuous application and removal of mascara can cause clogging and lash pulling out. If you’re still adamant on using mascara, an organic one will be safer Wipe eye makeup with a gentle eye makeup remover avoiding any tugging and pulling. Or create your own DIY eyemakeup remover combining olive oil and almond oil. Clean lashes are vital to bring them back to life.

Keep your lashes free from chemicals and oppressors. Natural lashes look beautiful on their own. Take pride in what you have and stop using strip lashes for a month. Instead go organic as much as you can to have strong lashes.

Take supplements to improve the appearance and growth of your lashes. In this case, Vitamin B3, Biotin and Vitamin C help tremendously, as these support hair growth which will benefit your lashes and protect against infect-ants too. With supplements, a good diet will too ensure healthy lashes so Ladies, take protein-rich foods, such as fish, eggs, etc and eat lots of avocados, olives and leafy greens. .

Stress, hormonal and metabolic changes are the culprits behind lash loss so avoid this at all costs. Busy yourself in energetic activities, fulfill your 8 hour sleep, think positive, pamper yourself and do exercise to de-stress your body. And never forget to wash the salty sweat off your lashes after a gym session and avoid rubbing them as such actions will cause your lashes to break.

Nature has blessed us with the ideal ingredients to nourish lashes and with our knowledge, problems don’t stand a chance! Similarly, applying coconut oil thrice a week and castor oil daily with a clean Q-tip will stimulate lash growth. And usage of Vitamin E Oil or Organic Shea Butter will nurture the lash hair follicles.

Beat dull-looking lashes with a lash enhancing serum (any brand) and get a fuller, longer and thicker pair quickly.

If you get eyelash extensions again, practice eyelash extension aftercare religiously or irregularity will ruin both your Lash extensions and natural lashes.


Trust Haniye Artistry for a safe lash removal. We value our customer’s well-being more than anything and try our best to deliver the safest, most natural procedures available. Book your appoinment online today and experience the most relaxing lash extension treatment with our professional, skilled, experienced lash artists.


Love and Lashes,


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