Haniye’s journey into the Beauty Industry.

I was born in Tehran, Iran (my sweet home).  I was 24 years old when simultaneously studied at Electrical Engineering and English Translation at separate Universities in Iran and practicing as a Nail Technician.  After graduating from both schools and traveling to Victoria, BC, I became a candidate in a Mechanical Masters Program at University of Victoria.  While working on the Masters program which was my parents’ dream, I became discontent with the field of Engineering and longed for a career that would bring me joy. 

My unforgettable experience of working at my Mom’s dress making studio propelled me to think more about my future career. I loved to connect with women and fulfill their beauty needs.  But transition from Engineering to Fashion and Beauty was not an easy decision making.

To start I began working as a Nail Technician and decided to rock my goals.  Adding eyelash extensions skill to my resume of  beauty treatments was another great decision that I have made at the time.  My small business thrived in this exciting environment gradually where I could provide my clients with a beautification that made them feel pampered and pretty. 

 I enjoyed the experience and satisfaction of seeing my talent come to fruition.  Clients were very pleased and gratified with my work and dedicated to this artistry.  As my clientele grew and referrals came, I continued to hone my skills by learning and practicing new techniques to become proficient and highly regarded in the field of  beauty. 

I learned the fundamentals of facial beauty enhancement including face structure, eye, and eyebrow shapes, skin tone and type and many more important facets of creating a beautiful appearance through a training in a makeup application course. 

I have created makeup for many Beauty events; fashion and hair shows in Victoria as well as Wedding and Photo shoots.  Over time many of my clients were inquiring about semi-permanent makeup. It was a good reason for me to begin Eyebrow Microblading training with private one on one instruction in Iran. Following the initial Microblading education, I got trained in Serbia through Phibrows Master course with Masters of semi-permanent makeup. I continued my education with the auspicious “Svialoslav” course in Turkey and graduated as a Shading and Soft Touch Master.

I am thriving in my passion creating beauty for people while continually improving my skills and staying update in this fast paced and growing industry. 

I am thrilled to have changed my life path to one that brings me great joy.  I strongly believe we live once and life is too short to not enjoy.

Haniye Ghajar (Currently live and work in Victoria, BC)